23 things I learned from 23 days on the JMT

Whenyou have a moment…


#1: The summit isn’t where you learn who you are or what you’re made of. It’s somewhere during the climb.

#2: Wildflowers offer a beautiful lesson in resiliency.

#3: If there’s a hell, it’s surely filled with mosquitoes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA McClure Meadow; rocking the mosquito net I picked up at Muir Trail Ranch

#4: You can literally never have enough salty snacks or cheese flavored snacks.

#5: People are really, really fascinating beings and we are magical storytellers. Everyone hiking the John Muir Trail had interesting stories to share and had experienced so many wonderful things along the trail. Being without cell phones or televisions or any other distractions forces you to really listen to people and connect with them. It gives you space to really understand people. If someone makes a campfire, go out and ask to join them. This feeling is something you’ll miss most when you’re off the trail.

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