No Room Inn

So, there was no room at The Inn?

“That’s what I heard. Booked solid.”

The Wise Men … They showed up that night?

“Gifts in-hand. Dressed for the occasion.”

Makin’ an entrance.

“Somebody’s got to bring a little class to the party.”

What about Joseph?

“He was working that “Aw, shucks” surrogate-father grin of his.”

I hear he was stoic. Almost invisible.

“An ugly rumor—one that won’t survive the end of the week.”

And Mary?

“Once again, a yard or two of blue with a sash of white.”

Perfect. She certainly knows how to deliver.

“Amen to that. She sure did that night.”

An early evening?

“For the Wise Men anyway.”

Where’d they go?

“Not far. They arranged for accommodations in advance.”

A hostel?

“The Inn. They each booked a room.”

Living the life.

“Well, they had a long day of diversion ahead of them.”

I’m sure Mary and Joseph were understanding.

“Like the infant, they didn’t make a fuss at all.”

An all-around glorious night. Need help with tending those sheep?

“These sheep? Nah. They’re fairly obedient.”

Same time next year?

“I’ll be right here waiting. Peace to you.”

And also with you.



James F. Ross



About James F. Ross

Writing and Photography
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One Response to No Room Inn

  1. Bettie says:

    Very beautiful piece .. lol .. 🙂


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