To Save A Life

Today is Monday.

“Is it?”

It is to me.

“Then today is Monday.”

Is it?

“It is for you.”

Then it is … Monday. You are certain?

“Agreed; and yes, I am certain.”

I need your help with something.

“That’s why we’re here. How can I help you today?”

I want … I mean, I need …


To travel back … in time.


To save a life.

“I see. Quite the journey … and task. Are you sure you’re ready to take this on? Are you prepared?”

I’ve been prepared my entire life. I’m more than ready. Will you help me?

“Do you believe that I can?”

Yes. Yes. I really do.

“Then I will.”


“Today is Monday.”

Yes. Of that much, I am certain.

“Then today. We’ll begin … today.”


“Yes. Let’s take the first steps today.”

Today. I would like that. Yes. Let’s begin today.

James F. Ross


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