My Giant

My Giant

James Daniel O’Leary


Silent hues of faded dreams
Sentiment captured and consumed
Tranquil black and white reality
Shattered by colorful front-room conversations

My Giant
Each and every half-step of my ramble
Prejudiced by the shadow of your perfection
Forever griping to that quiet hope
That one night you would return

Your muffled oddments of wisdom
Washed out by instance and neglect
Fashioned my wandering, friendless and alone
Sandy soles washed in oceanic blue

Your guiding touch always absent
Strangers tousle my mane
Your likeness greets every sunrise
A souvenir from the spring of my existence

My Village
Circled within and without
Lined with invisible cedar
Broom handles waving at half-cut spheres
Artistically heaved intentions, designed to impress

A great mystery, purpose
Even greater your transitory life
The only negatives I’ve come upon
Salted away in a cigar-box memory chest

Many questions await your arrival
Pleased by me were you?
How many rounds did I merit?
Was I part of the cloth…from which
Your dreams were sown?

Will you never return…


James F. Ross

Copyright 2010


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