Moving to Joy

Her Memory

I am in my treasured moment. Her singular voice resounds distinctively in a choir of beautiful souls moving to the rhythm of their joy. Devoid of inhibition, she shares her expression with unabashed freedom. But then … the silence returns. Briskly, an autumn breeze flutes through the window gap, interrupting my consolation. Love and Joy remain tethered to this place; but long ago, embraced and welcomed, a great sadness took up residence, comfortably making itself at home. Fearing that she will be lost forever, I cannot let go. My friends tell me, “Enough is enough,” but they don’t comprehend my sadness. Tomorrow is another day. Courage might find me; but until then, I’ll linger awhile in her moment. She moves to the rhythm of her joy, aware, smiling at my attention …

James F. Ross

The Orchard



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