Longing to revisit a seasonal colorful heritage, all things maple abound and are effortlessly embraced, tradition trumping the commonsensical. Back roads front a contingency of weary travelers on the cusp of being treated to a delightful feast undergirded by unblemished linen and treasured porcelain.


James F. Ross



An Adventure

Russell, there is absolutely nothing better than getting lost in the woods to find yourself.

Find yourself? What in the wonder of Wyoming do you mean by that?

Haven’t found yourself in the woods lately?

Never. I’ve never been lost, Sophia.

How about … to discover what in the wonder of Wyoming is around you–the things that usually go unnoticed while you’re walking by not being lost?

My head’s not in the air when I’m walking in the forest. So, yes, I agree; there isn’t anything better than a walk in the woods.

Do you want to join me?

For a walk, or to help you find yourself?

Both of course. Follow me Russell Dann … it’ll be an adventure.

Sophia Juanita Carter and Russell Dann
The Desert Sun Saga ~ Life In Motion

Moving to Joy

Her Memory

I am in my treasured moment. Her singular voice resounds distinctively in a choir of beautiful souls moving to the rhythm of their joy. Devoid of inhibition, she shares her expression with unabashed freedom. But then … the silence returns. Briskly, an autumn breeze flutes through the window gap, interrupting my consolation. Love and Joy remain tethered to this place; but long ago, embraced and welcomed, a great sadness took up residence, comfortably making itself at home. Fearing that she will be lost forever, I cannot let go. My friends tell me, “Enough is enough,” but they don’t comprehend my sadness. Tomorrow is another day. Courage might find me; but until then, I’ll linger awhile in her moment. She moves to the rhythm of her joy, aware, smiling at my attention …

James F. Ross

The Orchard


Passing Through The Narrow

“Sometimes the mind and spirit unexpectedly pass through a narrow into the world beyond, leaving the body behind to wander. Gradually, without their influence, it becomes … confused. No longer recognizing this world, it will begin to speak nonsense and behave unreasonably. Rather than appear foolish, silence and inactivity are embraced; seeking comfort, a repetitive nature emerges. In due course, the body passes on from this realm into the next, reuniting with mind and spirit. On that day, all will receive a blessing.”

~ Dean Matthews, The Bright Star Press ~
The Desert Sun – Life In Motion