A Gracious Review…

A Review of I Am Flying

Rebecca Tsaros Dickson

I picked up “I’m Flying” on a whim and decided to take a peek last night. Two hours later, as I finished the last sentence, the words began bouncing off long-forgotten memories, stirring things inside. I like books that make me think. I like authors who take me from A to B with subtle signs and gentle jibes. I adore storytellers with a gift for allowing the reader to fill in the big blanks by giving just enough small details surrounding an event.

James Ross delivers. He delivers big.

His central character, Dr. Martin Connor, bloomed in my chest last night. In truth, I think he’s inside all of us. I hope you’ll let him in, too.


Passing Through The Narrow

“Sometimes the mind and spirit unexpectedly pass through a narrow into the world beyond, leaving the body behind to wander. Gradually, without their influence, it becomes … confused. No longer recognizing this world, it will begin to speak nonsense and behave unreasonably. Rather than appear foolish, silence and inactivity are embraced; seeking comfort, a repetitive nature emerges. In due course, the body passes on from this realm into the next, reuniting with mind and spirit. On that day, all will receive a blessing.”

~ Dean Matthews, The Bright Star Press ~
The Desert Sun – Life In Motion