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Sweet Surrender

A life unforgettable
Honey, creamed to perfection

Would that I confront my own struggles
As brave and courageous
Fearlessly shadow boxing to muster
One solid uppercut in the final round

Silence. Peaceful rest
Though never fathomed
Is an open-arm sweet surrender welcome
Extracting bliss from your love

James F. Ross


Screaming In Paradise

Pushed Aside

Ignite a blue-tip off my tension
And watch me burn
A hole
A wonder
A crying shame
A memory that should never be

My mind
Suspended by a nonexistent cushion
Is on the brink
No respite dreams to waken

The erupting opus in my rift
Knows discord not that chord
An effortless bowel movement
Forget about it
Trying to waltz to this piece of junk manuscript
Is useless
A squandered life

Disappointing to you
A barge headed to Twelve Point
Midnight runs for self-respect

A monochrome rainbow of downward glances
Piercing even the best armor of hope
Every black and white waiting
To call in a disturbance of their harmony

From sea to shinning sea
There are cries of hunger and pain
Walking among you
God’s Grace has been shed

Screaming In Paradise
No one can see me

Screaming In Paradise
No one can bear me

Screaming In Paradise
Are you listening?


Screaming In Paradise

James F. Ross


Paint The Moon

Away away seafaring brood
Away to ships and sailing
Traverse again to distant shores
Remember those awaiting

Away away ye kindred kind
Away to gathering be
We’ll paint the moon ’til starry night
Whenever you come home to me

Away away to hinterland
Forever dreaming you’ll be
Arrest your fear to once again
Lay hold the joy you’re seeking

Away away ye kindred kind
Sojourn to gathering be
We’ll paint the moon ’til starry night
Whenever you come home to me


James F. Ross

A Wonderful Review

I Am FlyingThe latest review for my short-story, I Am Flying, was graciously posted on Amazon yesterday, November 13th, by Ms. Molly Gapp. For your convenience, I Am Flying is available as a free download throughout the weekend. You don’t need to own a Kindle to read this story; a free Kindle app is available for most major smartphones, tablets and computers.

Molly’s Review

“This is a short but lovely, tender story of a kindly retired professor who still very much misses his deceased wife, Marie. I’m glad I discovered this little gem—so much so that when I reached the end I immediately reread it, and enjoyed it even more the second time. I have a feeling I will be thinking about this story for a long time to come.”

                                     My gift to you,


To Save A Life

Today is Monday.

“Is it?”

It is to me.

“Then today is Monday.”

Is it?

“It is for you.”

Then it is … Monday. You are certain?

“Agreed; and yes, I am certain.”

I need your help with something.

“That’s why we’re here. How can I help you today?”

I want … I mean, I need …


To travel back … in time.


To save a life.

“I see. Quite the journey … and task. Are you sure you’re ready to take this on? Are you prepared?”

I’ve been prepared my entire life. I’m more than ready. Will you help me?

“Do you believe that I can?”

Yes. Yes. I really do.

“Then I will.”


“Today is Monday.”

Yes. Of that much, I am certain.

“Then today. We’ll begin … today.”


“Yes. Let’s take the first steps today.”

Today. I would like that. Yes. Let’s begin today.

James F. Ross


Longing to revisit a seasonal colorful heritage, all things maple abound and are effortlessly embraced, tradition trumping the commonsensical. Back roads front a contingency of weary travelers on the cusp of being treated to a delightful feast undergirded by unblemished linen and treasured porcelain.


James F. Ross